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THE death Tadulako (set Summary folklore Central Sulawesi)

MPOLENDA accursed: Mpolenda an authoritarian leader who is hard to beat in battle, so it acts arbitrarily govern all economic resources. Besides cocky and arrogant, also considers himself the most powerful. Finally Mpolenda with his wife and son got the curse of a statue megaliths. Until now the statue can be seen in the North Lore District Wanga village, Poso.

KULAVI GIRL IN THE TREES: Hunting is done Sadomo, Kaili youth from the ground up to make it plain Kulavi lost in the woods. Although the game did not get, but a beautiful girl out of the tree and then used his wife and a tribal origin 

Victimizing ISLAND Peling: Starting from the famine, resulting in Baku son of a traditional leader died. But then from his grave grew a large yam became the staple food source Peling Island, Banggai Islands. It is said that the origin of the sweet Banggai believed to be the incarnation of human beings.

THE death Tadulako: Warlords who never defeated in tribal wars. It has a magic that is hard to surpass his opponents, but his time came to an end. The Tadulako died tragically after his head crushed by a pestle dikhianatinya lover. Until now Tadulako sculpture can be seen in the village of Doda, District Central Lore, Poso.

YAMAMORE TRAGEDY: Yamamore daughter of a king Towale escape from the palace in order to avoid forced marriages. In his escape, he hid in a way plunge into saltwater lake. So since that's the place named Yamamore disappeared and the sea or Pusentasi center.

MAHADIYAH WAR: Starting from the desire to conquer the State Dampelas sailor, eventually the resistance of Mahadiyah. The battle ensued until the lake is used as battle area became Dampelas Lake Village Talaga.

THE PRINCESS AND Bengali BULA: The beautiful princess of the Land of Kaili ostracized for smallpox disease in the body. In exile that he chased and licked a Bengali Bula (white buffalo), so that the skin healed. Since then, the king and his descendants abstinence white buffalo meat.

GONENGGATI: A king and a charismatic woman Kaili menyatuhkan minded democratic countries in keadatan Pitunggota Kaili. He came to power in the center Kanggihui over the mountains (now in area Kabonga, District Banawa).

POSO LAKE EVENT: A cat diving into the water to take a needle owned the princess, as a result of rain and flooding to forming a lake. In the mythology of some tribes in Central Sulawesi, cats can dikuyupkan mendatangan rain.

She grabbed her sexual identity: Sculpture megaliths Palindo or Molindo in Padang Sepe, Bada plateau that tells about the character of resistance to the attacks of the Kingdom Luwu. It is said that now shape sloping Palindo shows the symbol of unity Bada ancients did not want to be conquered.

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